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Maryam Mahdavieh Group is passionate about creating unique, timeless structures, which meet the requirements of change and growth. Nurturing an innovative design philosophy, we inspire individual works of art that are responsive to purpose, culture, and location.

On the global platform, propelled by experience and passion, we bring together exceptional, dedicated specialists in design, engineering, and construction industry. We are proud to have led the field in numerous milestone projects and hold a reputation for excellence.


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Armani Residence is one of the most recent projects designed and constructed by Maryam Mahdavieh Group in Yazd. This residential complex shines like a gem in this city, owing to its exceptional design, materials and construction quality.

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Seyedeh Maryam Mahdavieh was born in 1988 in Yazd. She started her bachelor studies in architecture in 2005 in Yazd school of architecture (Rasoulian house) and was graduated in 2009. In 2010, she was accepted to Shahid Beheshti University to start her Master’s degree in post-disaster reconstruction and finished her studies in this major in 2012. After 4 years, she was accepted as a doctoral candidate in Islamic Azad University of Tehran (northern branch) to research on the relations of traditional medical treatments and architecture. She started her personal career in 2013 in Yazd. Some of her eminent projects are Armani residence in Yazd, Yazd court of audit and etc.

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Pre Contract Services We work with a strong sense of empathy for people and landscapes, partnering with our clients to provide fully inclusive, world-class architectural and engineering consultancy solutions.

We work with a strong sense of empathy for people and landscapes, we partner with our clients to provide fully inclusive, world-class Architectural and Engineering Consultancy solutions.

During the pre-contract phase, we assist clients with key services such as all design elements (conceptual, architectural, structural), feasibility studies, construction drawings and specifications, value engineering, budget, and cost control programmes.

Maryam Mahdavieh Group also offers preparation of all tender documents, invitations for tender bids, analysis of quotations, recommendations and finally bid and award programs

Post Contract Services With a proven track record in architectural and engineering supervision, Maryam Mahdavieh Group is expert project manager dealing with all aspects of post-contract work.


Central to post-contract services is the provision for maintaining control over the fine details in the installation of interior fixtures. Project supervision also allows our dedicated team to track results relating to the aesthetic and technical aspects of the design.

During the post-contract phase, we assist clients with: supervision for all elements of construction, evaluation of contractors and subcontractors, progress program evaluation and tracking, reporting (financial, safety, quality control), claims studies and completion certificates.

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